Home Run: Flores Sisters Find New Home at Boise State

For the Flores’ sisters and their family, success in softball is a way of life


Boise State University

Eliyah Flores takes a swing in a game earlier this season for the Broncos against North Dakota State.

When the Flores sisters, Eliyah and Alycia, transferred from the University of Oklahoma to Boise State University to play softball, they didn’t know they would be a part of the best start to the season in Boise State history for softball.

“We didn’t know what we were walking into here when we transferred,” Eliyah, the redshirt junior said about their transfer. “We just knew Coach (Justin) Shults was coming over here and was a great guy, great coach— and we wanted to play for him. And we knew the girls were great too. And we wanted to help the program in any way we could. It’s a great feeling.”

But it’s a feeling the Flores’s are used to, one where good surprises seem to follow around this softball family around.

From Hobby to Business

The Flores sisters grew up in California, working hard with rigorous daily training to earn their scholarships. And they got a little help from their father Jimmy Flores, who had a surprise of his own in developing into a sought-after hitting instructor.

“It was a true blessing to watch the girls achieve their goals,” said Jimmy Flores. “With hard work ethics, sacrifice, blood, and tears, they accomplished what they set out to do. My wife and I are very proud parents.”

Jimmy created his own softball business in the backyard of their family’s house. His daughter’s success drew plenty of questions, starting with how they could hit so well. When other parents started asking him to help train their daughters, a new business was born, The Flores House of Power.

Now Jimmy has a thriving business that allows for groups of five players at a time to go around the backyard and practice different hitting skills. He’s even had to hire additional hitting instructors to accommodate the growth, which also now includes baseball coaches as well.

“I really don’t consider giving hitting instruction a business, but a way to give back to the softball community,” Jimmy said. “I honestly try to stay small and keep no more than a hundred students. Fortunately, business is always knocking on my door. Girls want that hard nose swaggy style I teach. I’m very fortunate to do what I do and be successful as well as work from home.”

Being able to do his job in his backyard makes things very convenient for Mr. Flores. “He likes it. Roll out of bed, go to work.”

Eliyah and Alycia aren’t sure what their future holds with softball after college, but they both plan to join the business when their softball careers come to an end.

And based on their play this season, they won’t have any problems proving they know what they’re talking about to players seeking help at the plate.

Powering the Broncos

Near the end of April, the Flores sisters have combined for 75 hits, about twenty percent of the team’s combined hits thus far. They also rarely strike out. 

While the two sisters may have their dad to thank for helping them with their hitting, they also had a successful role model—their eldest sister, Destiny, who played softball at the University of Alabama.

“We grew up watching her,” said Eliyah. “She was one of our biggest inspirations and one of the reasons why we chose to play D1 softball.” 

The Flores sisters’ mom also played softball in college and their dad played hardball in high school.

“You could say we’re an athletic family,” said Alycia.

Eliyah also won a national title with her club team, the Firecrackers, when she was in the U18 league.

“It was super fun,” she said. “I was playing with a lot of my best friends that I grew up with, and a lot of them play at D1 schools now. So it was super cool to play with them, and now to see them grow in their own areas.”

The Flores sisters have certainly come into their own and are helping Boise State reach new heights on the diamond.

To watch the Flores sisters and Boise State softball this season, check out their schedule here.