Ask Ellis: Braces, Distraction & Studying


Ellis Jones, Advice Columnist

Dear Ellis,

I’m getting braces soon and I’m not sure what healthy snacking foods I will be able to eat and enjoy. Any advice? ~Isabella

Dear Isabella,

Getting braces can be scary, but there are still so many tasty foods that you will be able to eat! For the first 1-2 weeks you probably won’t want to eat hard foods, so smoothies are a great option. But when you get used to your braces, some healthy snacks can be yogurt, applesauce, soft cheeses, pancakes, nut-free muffins, bananas, raspberries, milkshakes, and even frozen yogurt. It all depends on what YOU enjoy! -Ellis

* * *

Dear Ellis,

I’m having a hard time paying attention in school. What are some ways to keep me from getting distracted? ~ Bryan

Dear Bryan, Sometimes it can be very hard for everyone to pay attention in school, so here are a few ways to keep on task.

1. Silence texts and keep internet tabs to a minimum.

2. Use music and headphones to block out noise.

3. Take notes.

4. Reduce multitasking.

5. Place distractions out of reach.

Everyone can’t pay attention all the time, but when you do, it can help you get better grades. So I hope these help. -Ellis

* * *

Dear Ellis,

I find that it is hard to keep myself accountable for studying and keeping consistent on homework. I need help! ~Brynley

Dear Brynley, A lot of people struggle with homework, and sometimes it is HARD to keep up with all of the work. It seems like once you mess up you are up to your eyeballs in late homework. So here are some great ways to keep on task.

1. Get Organized.

2. Don’t multitask.

3. Get more sleep.

4. Make a homework schedule.

5. Take notes during class.

6. Study.

7. Manage your study space.

These things are all very important and will help you become a better student. -Ellis