Escape Rooms, Cooking, Finances

Next year’s ILA schedule offers plenty of fun classes

Corbin Long, Features Writer

From cooking up fun things in the kitchen to planning your financial future, you’ll want to save your spot in these exciting and interesting classes. Registration for next year at ILA is open, and there are many new classes available.

Here are a few of these classes available for each age group, as well as what the class is about and how it will benefit the students that take it.

Healthy Young Chefs

In this class, 3rd through 6th graders will learn about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating, as well as cook a meal each week with professional nutrition coach Lindsay Young. In addition to a nutrition lesson, students will create fun, healthy meals such as protein smoothies, salad boats, trail mix, and pizza skewers. Kitchen safety and other culinary skills are also taught, so students can confidently cook healthy meals in class and at home.

Logic, Brain-Teasers, and Escape Rooms

This class will blow your mind… literally! Crystal Wiley will teach middle school students critical thinking skills that will help them complete the various puzzles, games, and escape rooms they will be faced with in class. Students will work on their own and as a class to solve riddles and play logic games that will sharpen their minds.

Dave Ramsey’s Foundations In Personal Finance

This class will teach high school students about personal finance, and how to prepare them for their financial future. Taught by Lisa Byers, she will guide them through this course and teach them skills such as budgeting, debt, investing, insurance, careers, and more. This class is extremely beneficial for high schoolers looking to take control of their future and to be educated on different financial topics.

Social Skills / Christ-Centered Friendships

aThis class for elementary-aged students is aimed to help them build beneficial social skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. Taught by Bryanna Farina, she strives to help her students build confidence and friendly relationships with others, as well as build skills such as communicating when you are angry or sad, praying for others, and how to be selfless. There will also be fun activities in class, such as games, crafts, and scripture memorization. This class is perfect for young students to build friendships and social skills.

With an increasing amount of students entering ILA every year, new classes can get swept under the rug and students will miss out on these great opportunities. You can register for these classes and many others on the ILA Website.