Ask Ellis: Crutches, Dirty Rooms, and Little Brothers

Get genuine advice from Ellis: May Edition


Ellis Jones, Advice Columnist

Dear Ellis,

I have to use crutches, what are some fun things that I can do?



Dear Steve,

Getting crutches can be disappointing, especially when it is almost summertime and everyone else seems to be doing fun things, but there are plenty of fun things you can do on crutches!

  1. Grow indoor plants
  2. Sudoku or crossword puzzles
  3. Swimming (this one depends on your injury so talk to your doctor about it)
  1. Play video games
  2. Learn an instrument
  3. Learn to sew or knit
  4. Play card games
  5. Watch a good movie with friends
  6. Read books

There are also so many more ideas! So get out there and still have




Dear Ellis,

My room is soooooo dirty! Help!

~ lina


Dear Lina,

Sometimes bedrooms are hard to clean and KEEP clean. So know you aren’t the only person who struggles with it. But thankfully there are some great ways to keep your room clean once and for all!

  1. Have a place for everything
  2. Minimize your things
  3. Tidy up every night before bed
  4. Make a dump basket
  5. Get rid of clutter
  6. Have a cleaning schedule

Just keep it up and you will soon see it will get easier to clean your room.



Dear Ellis,

My younger brothers think it’s funny if they take my things and hide them all over the house! When I ask them to stop, they never do! What is the right thing to do?



Dear Jenny,

I’m pretty sure your brothers don’t mean to hurt you, they probably just think it’s funny. So next time that happens, talk to them and ask them not to hide your things anymore. If they continue to take your things without asking, get an adult and explain the problem, asking them to talk to your brothers. Brothers can be trying sometimes but, you need to have patience with them. It is the right thing to do.