Nothing Secretive about Latest Fantastic Beasts movie

Secrets of Dumbledore a disappointment for many fans of the franchise

Lily Wood, Entertainment Writer

The new Fantastic Beasts movie “Secrets of Dumbledore” was a big letdown for many fans of the franchise. Count me in that crowd.

Dumbledore grew up in Godrick’s Hallow the same place Harry Potter was born. Aberforth and Dumbledore had a duel when they were young and one of there spells hit there sister Ariana and killed her. Although Dumbledore childhood is not showed in the movie it is definitely  a big part to his history and why Dumbledore and Aberforth are not very close in the Potter movies and this film.

Many fans didn’t like Mads Mikkelsen as Grindawald and want Johnny Depp back.

“I think that Johnny Depp did a better job at portraying the chilling personality of Gellert Grindawald,” said Grace Anderson.

Though some liked Mikkelsen as a great Grindawald and thought he was full of mystery.

But it wasn’t all bad.

One of the most memorable parts in this movie is when Newt comes to rescue his brother (Theseus) from the secret underground prison that is known as the “Erksag”.

Secrets of Dumbledore got a 3.5 star-rating and a 47 percent on rotten tomatoes.

If you read the last Harry Potter book you already knew all the secrets of Dumbledore. They didn’t add anything knew, sticking with the original back story that JK Rowling wrote in the seventh Harry Potter book “Deathly Hallows”.

In conclusion, the movie filled some holes but it wasn’t the best Fantastic Beasts movie.