Family Movies Everyone Can Agree on?

Check out five family friendly movies that everyone will enjoy

Family Movies Everyone Can Agree on?

Tanner Koepke, reporter

With the holidays almost here, it’s that time of year when families want to gather on the couch and watch a good movie. But finding one that everyone can agree on and enjoy is a challenge. But here are my family’s top five family movies that came out in 2021 that everyone is sure to agree on and enjoy.

#5- Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway 

In this sequel to the beloved movie that was released in 2018, Peter Rabbit is faced with more difficulties and can’t seem to fit into his family due to his mischievous personality. After wandering from home, he searches for a place where he can fit in and be accepted. This movie is sure to have everyone engaged in and quoting.

#4- Sing 2

Another sequel to a family favorite, Sing 2 is for those who love musicals and comedy. In this movie, the gang from the New Moon Theater get together for a time of their lives. When turned down by a famous scout, they do everything they can to prove their talents and how they can be stars.

#3- The Boss Baby: Family Business

A movie that all comedy lovers will like, Boss Baby 2 brings humor to those who watch it. Tim Templeton, now an adult, has an unexpected trip with his older brother, Ted, and are transformed both into babies. When they ally with Tim’s secret-agent daughter, they take down an evil genius trying to turn the ways of young toddlers.

#2- Clifford the Big Red Dog

A kids’ picture book comes to reality with this appealing movie. This is a movie just right for all ages and all families with an understanding of the books by.  When Clifford’s mom and siblings get taken from him, he escapes and runs into the big city only to meet and be adopted by Emily Elizabeth. When scientists try to steal him to see why he is 10 feet tall, Emily, her uncle Casey, and Clifford embark on an adventure throughout New York City.

#1- PAW Patrol: The Movie

When a toddler’s favorite cartoon is made into a big animated movie, it’s a big hit for families with young ones. In PAW Patrol: The Movie, the pups and Ryder head into Adventure Bay to stop mayor Humdinger from creating disorder. Chase, the well-known police dog, is afraid of going into the city because of his life there as a young puppy, but he learns to overcome his fear while the crew invites a new member to the team.