Tweens Dream Gift List

Great gifts for tweens any time of the year

Tweens Dream Gift List

Tanner Koepke, reporter

With the thanksgiving season behind us and the Christmas season dawning, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming holiday. Here are some gift ideas that you could give to a tween (someone from ages 9-12) or recommend them putting on their wishlist for Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion for giving gifts.

1. Legos    

Legos are a beloved toy for all ages and are especially enjoyable for those with a creative mind who love to create their own things. You can find all different sets that each have their own complexity level, so you can find sets for people that love hard challenges or for people who just like to take it easy.

2. Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are fun, well-known toy guns that can be used in a friendly war. With soft foam bullets, it is appropriate for all ages. If you or someone you know loves action, fighting, and/or warfare, Nerf guns would be a perfect gift to give. 

3. Glow Battle

Glow Battle is a sword fighting game that is able to be played day or night, in light or in darkness, inside or outside, as long as you have lots of free space. The swords included are cylinder-shaped, and soft, so you can hit others without any injuries. With 10 different game modes, this is a game that you can play with multiple people and have an amazing time with.

4. Craft Supplies

Craft supplies are always a go-to when you need a last minute gift for a tween. Having supplies for crafts makes it easier to be creative, and you can create different art pieces depending on your own style and personality.

5. Squishmallows

Squishmallows are stuffed animals that feel like marshmallows, hence the product’s name. They can be used as pillows and are easy to carry around as they come in 12 different sizes, the smallest being 2.5 inches and the largest being 2 feet wide. There are over a thousand different character types to choose from, so you’re sure to  find an animal you like.

6. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are a fun type of camera to have. These cameras are well-known, popular cameras that gained popularity because of their instant photo printing, which gives you a hard-copy image right away. Polaroid cameras are good for people who like photography and savoring memories.

7. Scooters

Scooters are an enjoyable, physically-powered mode of transportation. With handlebars, two wheels, and a deck, it is an easy-to-ride contraption that you can easily transport. Scooters are built for everyday use in neighborhoods, at skateparks, and many other locations. There are now electric scooters that require no physical energy but move on their own.

8. Ninja Lines

Ninja Lines are hanging outdoor obstacle courses. With a rope that connects to two trees, one on each end, a ninja line has different obstacles to hang on your journey to get to the other end of the rope. The obstacles can be either little hanging ropes with knots to get a grip on, loops to hang on to, or ropes to swing on. This product is good for those who like to explore and climb on things.

9. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switches first came out in 2017 and over 111 million have been bought worldwide since then. With easy transport and the ability to be played at any time, it is one of the best video game consoles because it doesn’t have to be connected to the TV to play. The Switch has over 5,000 games that you can buy to play, compared to just 3,000 games for the Xbox. Nintendo Switches are now available in three types: the original Switch, a Nintendo Switch lite, which has the controllers permanently connected to the screen, and the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which has a way bigger screen and a better quality screen.

10. Airpods

When they were first made in 2016, Apple AirPods were an amazing product and the first wireless earbuds. Since 2016, there have been over 150 million sold and can be seen with people everywhere you go. If someone you know likes listening to music and doesn’t like the wires or earbuds flopping all over you while they walk or run, AirPods are right for them.