Much to Love in “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”

Grace Lin’s fantasy novel sure to delight readers

Much to Love in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Faith Minic and reporter

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a Newbery Honor Award winning book, written by Grace Lin. This fantasy children’s novel inspired by Chinese folklore contains vivid descriptions, such as how Dragon’s large tears as the size of kumquats; unique illustrations reminiscent of Chinese folk art; an amazing plot, which is adventurous and entertaining; lovable characters and so much more!

Lin’s writing makes you feel like you’re in the charming universe of her story, which is what I desire in truly good books. I also love this book because of its message of thankfulness and how thankfulness is the secret to happiness. I enjoy the thoughtfulness that the characters have, which is sprinkled throughout the book. It is touching when Minli cuts Dragon free using her knife, and then when Dragon continuously helps Minli through her journey.

The main character, Minli, travels to the Fruitless Mountain to change her family’s poor fortune. She sets out to find The Old Man of the Moon, which she had heard about from her Pa’s wonderous stories. She meets friends along the way, such as a dragon, who was born from a painting and feels left out from its kind because he cannot fly, and a boy with a buffalo, who kindly lets Minli stay the night. Dragon accompanies her on the journey, for he needs to find the Old Man of the Moon to change his own fortune in order to gain the ability to fly. Minli becomes wiser throughout the story and as a result of her adventure she learns that, “If you make happy those that are near, those that are far will come.”

I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys fantasy, action and Chinese folklore inspired books!