Life with Unusual Pets

Not interested in a dog or cat? Check out these unusual pets for a different kind of companion

Zetta Louis, reporter

Pets make life better. If you are ever having a bad day, pets will always be there for you, making great listeners. However, pets don’t have to just be dogs and cats. Life could be much more exciting with these out of the box options:

Many people have pet rabbits but this one won’t fit in just any cage. The Flemish Giant rabbit can weigh up to fifteen pounds and can be up to two and a half feet long. The Flemish Giant can live up to ten years if taken good care of. They have a great personality, and are very friendly and gentle creatures. A big plus is that they can be litter trained. But watch out they do not like being held. Also, when they feel like they can’t get out of an uncomfortable situation they will scratch so children should be supervised when playing with the Flemish Giant. They can range anywhere from twenty to one hundred dollars.

Chinchillas are different but very cute little pets. (Photo by Tanya Kusova (Unsplash))

The chinchilla is a super soft and adorable rodent that makes a great pet. Chinchillas are very shy animals and are best for tennagers and adults. They are very curious creatures and love to leave their cages, but need to be supervised. Chinchillas can live between ten and twenty years. They do not like being held but they love being pet. They are not a high maintenance pet. Chinchillas make cooing noises when happy or when they communicate with other Chinchillas. They will also bark when they are scared or upset.They should be kept in pairs or else they will get lonely. Chinchillas sleep during the day and are most active during the evenings. These can run from one hundred-fifty to four-hundred dollars.

The miniature highland cow will brighten your day with its adorable fuzzy face and its big nose. The miniature highland cow makes a great pet for all ages with its gentle temperament and love for people. Surprisingly mini highland cows can be potty trained through lots of hard work and dedication, so you don’t have to have lots of land or a big backyard to own this fuzzy pet. The mini highland cow does not do well in the heat as it causes some different medical conditions or makes them more prone to fleas and tics. The cows do not take much maintenance. The miniature highland cows can range anywhere between 36 – 42 inches. The cows live from twelve to fifteen years.

A newborn miniature Highland cow. (Getty Images)

You may have to empty your piggybank and forget about buying your first car, as these can run anywhere from one-thousand to four-thousand dollars.

The mini donkey is a very calm animal, they are used as company for nervous animals and people. They make great household pets. Mini donkeys are relatively easy to take care of. They don’t eat very much and do not need expensive food because of their great digestive system. Mini donkeys should be kept in pairs. They love toys and are trainable. The mini donkey is a great pet for all ages! This one will break the bank ranging anywhere from three to six thousand dollars.

If these prices don’t scare you off, remember pets make life better! Maybe look to one of these adorable creatures for your next pet.