Wiley’s Class, Not Motivation, a Puzzle

ILA’s logic brain teasers and escape room teacher Crystal Wiley likes letting students come to their own conclusions

Students from Crystal Wileys logic brain teasers and escape rooms try to figure out how to escape

Students from Crystal Wiley’s logic brain teasers and escape rooms try to figure out how to escape

Hannah Gregg, reporter

Crystal Wiley, a fun and unique teacher, runs three fun-filled class rooms: logic brain teasers and escape rooms, nature journaling real life and creatures, and notebooking through Asia.

The logic brain teasers and escape room class is definitely a wonderful class and one of our newer classes in ILA. Crystal tries to keep the class really fun and brings in puzzles and escape rooms in almost every class. As she put it, “ A lot of our challenges require a lot of teamwork or working together in a group.” And that’s very beneficial when it comes to learning how to solve difficult puzzles. In her large class of 16, they are very happy and excited to learn new things every week. In fact Crystal even had the whole group go and solve an actual escape room together.

Crystal has also been homeschooling her own kids for eight years and really loves it. Her family is also strongly into escape rooms and brain teasers, almost more than her. Her son and husband were her inspiration since they are so good at it. Another inspiration she said she has is God. Crystal has a strong faith and lets God lead her through thick and thin. Crystal often goes to escape rooms with her family and does little ones in the house.

She wouldn’t even say she is good at it herself but is good at “Presenting the information to let them take that journey of learning on their own.” She added, “We are all created uniquely so when kids make connections on their own that’s what excites me.

Seeing them come to their own conclusions when solving puzzles or escape rooms is what I love and really, I’m just a bystander to help the process along.”

Crystal also owns her own company where she writes a homeschool curriculum. She does in fact consider that to be her passion. People worldwide use it and she is very proud of this and considers it to be a big achievement. It is even an award winning curriculum. She loves teaching kids and just loves the fact that the lord is leading us, our passions and our interests. She believes that anybody can learn stuff like this because the more you work at it and are exposed to it the easier it gets because your mind molds to it and starts to see the world differently.

ILA is very lucky to have such a fun-filled and unique class. Crystal Wiley is also very unique and fun and a great asset to our school!